High level of safety
Can be placed close to the load
More efficient
Increased emergency overload capability
Improved reliability
Low Noise and low maintenance
Easy to repair (open coils)


Transformers insulated with Nomex brand materials are extremely safe, even when exposed to fire High flame resistance, & low smoke and no toxic off-gasses Class H & E ventilated dry type transformers can be built smaller, reducing the footprint to the environment, conserving space Insulation is friendly to use during manufacturing-no skin irritants or surface chemicals


MUSKAAN€™S VDT transformer are guaranteed for satisfactory performance for a period of 2 years from the date of dispatch. Any part found defective during this period, as a consequence of bad design, manufacturing defect or poor workmanship is repaired free of cost by us within mutually agreed schedule.
Warranty for 2 years on active part only.