CORPORATE MISSIONcorporate mission
To  operate  its  business  with  the  highest  level  of  Integrity,  Responsibility  and  Accountability  and  continue  to  build  on  the  Trust  &  Confidence  of  stakeholders  that  the  organization  has  earned  over  the  years.

To  be  an  Open,  Responsive,  Participative  and  Entrepreneurial  organization. To  stay  quite  ahead  of  the  competition  &  reinforce leadership  through  exemplary  standards  of  quality,  relentless R & D,  dedicated  customer  service,  superior  product  performance,  outstanding  technical  support,  improved  manufacturing  processes,  world  class  testing  facilities,  professional  management,  customer-centric  marketing  practices  and  significant  contribution   to  promote  the  cause   of  energy   savings  through  Innovation, Product  Customization and providing Value Added  Solutions  to  the  customer.